Solar DC A/C ODM overview

DEYE PInverTech ODM program supplies series of Affordable Money-Saving ON GRID Green Environmental Friendly AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner (Dual power AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning system).

Dual power AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning system: the power from solar panel priority supplies directly to indoor & outdoor fan motor and compressor. When the solar power is not sufficient , by equipped with dual PV MPPT tracking system , the system automatically switch to run by grid power, thus achieving the AC/DC power supply interaction, and uninterrupted supply power to air conditioner, ensure the system high efficiency up to SEER36.

Wide voltage design , free combination of solar panels , makes our system not limited by the installation space . Minimum only two solar panels required to run our system, maximum power of solar panels is 2700W(9*300W).